2020 Honda S2000 Release Date, Engine, Redesign

Reviving 2020 Honda S2000 with New Design, Features, and Engine

2020 Honda S2000 Release Date, Engine, Redesign – The market for sport car is interesting to explore. Honda has several models for this segment, but there are no roadster models. The last one was Honda S2000 that’s popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. There is a rumor to revive this car like 2020 Honda S2000.

The car was specifically for the sports segment, but people could drive for everyday activity. The concept car for S2000 was introduced in 1999. After that, Honda produces two generations between 1999 and 2009. The last model was sold in 2011.

What Will 2020 2020 Honda S2000 Look Like?

Concept, Redesign, Changes

If 2020 Honda S2000 is revived, what does the car look like? This question is the first thing that comes up in people mind about new S2000. This car is not a supercar, which means the design is subtle but sporty enough as a roadster.

Redesigning might take some basis from recent Honda lineups, mostly Civic. As you know, Civic is the most versatile car to expand in many variants. Honda uses it for Coupe and Type R. The idea for S2000 might combine the Coupe body with Type R engine, but more powerful.

2020 Honda S2000 Concept, Redesign, Changes
2020 Honda S2000 Concept, Redesign, Changes

Interior and Exterior

The exterior will look like Civic or Accord with coupe style, but the roof is capable to open. Honda transcends all sedan lineups with sharp front grille and LED light. That’s what 2020 Honda S2000 will be.

For the interior side, the cabin is smaller than coupe with single row as a seat. To control all features, Honda adds an intuitive and digital display, including a touchscreen monitor. The car also has connectivity, premium audio, camera, Apple Carplay, and wireless connection.

2020 Honda S2000 Interior, Exterior
2020 Honda S2000 Interior, Exterior

Engine Specs, Horsepower, MPG

The next common thing that people ask is about the engine. What is an engine for 2020 Honda S2000? This car should have engine a little bit bigger than Civic Type R. The engine capacity is at least 2.0 liter but less than 4.0 liter. The car is capable to boost powertrain more than 300 horsepower.

It uses transmission of 6-speed manual or CVT. One reason that Honda always takes advantage is fuel efficiency. Based on other lineups, S2000 estimate fuel rate is approximately between 20 and 24 mpg.

Trims Level

For trim level, S2000 only has one variant. On the other side, Honda might add a custom feature, especially seat and comfort features. This offer will attract more customers.

2020 Honda S2000 Specs, Horsepower, MPG
2020 Honda S2000 Specs, Horsepower, MPG

When Will 2020 Honda S2000 Come Out?

2020 Honda S2000 Release Date

When S2000 is officially released? Until now, the car is still tentative either ready or not for the next years. People are eager to know more about this situation.

Well, S2000 might be revived, but as sub-variant from a recent model, such as Accord or Civic. Honda brings the brand special edition production with S2000 nameplate. That’s a possible thing to do to fulfill market demand.

How Much Is 2020 Honda S2000?

Price and MSRP

If the car is ready, how much does it cost? Sport car like S2000 did not cost much when entering the market. It is not a luxury car where everything has to be premium. On the contrary, Honda created the car with sport specs, but affordable.

The price for new 2020 Honda S2000 is estimated at least $30,000. The base price is side by side with Civic or Accord. That’s what you should know about S2000.

2020 Honda S2000 Release Date, Price, Colors
2020 Honda S2000 Release Date, Price, Colors

2020 Honda S2000 Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Honda S2000 are as follows:



Apex Blue Pearl Black
Berlina Black Black/Yellow
Chicane Silver Metallic Red
Grand Prix White
Laguna Blue Pearl
New Formula Red
Rio Yellow Pearl

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