2020 Honda Element USA, Hybrid, MPG, Release Date

2020 Honda Element and Information about the Specs

2020 Honda Element USA, Hybrid, MPG, Release Date – The 2020 Honda Element can be a good comeback for this variant. The generation of Honda Element stopped some years ago, so the news about the release of the new generation becomes good things to wait for.

Honda Element becomes the segment of crossover. It is dedicated to those who want to have a compact crossover. Of course, the new generation will offer some updates.

What Will The 2020 Honda Element Look Like?

Concept, Redesign, Changes

It is interesting to see the speculations and rumors regarding the new concept offered by 2020 Honda Element. Since its production stopped some years ago, surely fans will expect some changes in designs and appearances.

Luckily, Honda may answer the expectation. The look and engines may be upgraded, so it can keep up in the competition of compact crossover. There are many competitors, so it is expected the new Honda Element to bring great updates.

2020 Honda Element Concept, Redesign, Changes
2020 Honda Element Concept, Redesign, Changes

Exterior and Interior

Although there are several changes, this car will not give significant changes. The front fascia tries to continue the identity of the Honda Element. Grille and other exterior parts may not get significant changes.

It will be different from the interior. Honda may make the interior as a central area to get updates. High technologies will be installed to support drivers. Then, the cabin and material used for dashboard and seats are upgraded, so these can give a nice driving experience.

2020 Honda Element Interior, Exterior
2020 Honda Element Interior, Exterior

Engine Specs, Horsepower, MPG

Since it is a crossover, the speed may not be the concern. It will be more about power. In term of power, Honda is predicted to give two options of engine. The first engine of 2020 Honda Element will use the 2.4liter engine.

The second option is predicted to use the 4.0liter engine. The power produced by these two engines is between 300 and 400 horsepower. It will be enough engines to make the car quite powerful.

Trim Level

Then, let’s talk about the trim level. Unfortunately, there is still limited information and rumors for this part. However, considering the predecessors, there will be two options. At least, Honda Element will have standard and sport as the options.

2020 Honda Element Specs, Horsepower, MPG
2020 Honda Element Specs, Horsepower, MPG

When Will 2020 Honda Element Come Out?

2020 Honda Element Release Date

Regarding the release date, Honda still has not given any clues. That is why the specs are still unclear. Of course, it makes people need to wait for official release.

However, there are some predictions for the release date of 2020 Honda Element. It may be ready in markets before the end of 2019. When it may be late, the new Honda Element may be ready before the mid of 2020.

How Much Is 2020 Honda Element?

Price and MSRP

Since there is limited information about the release, it is also hard to know the fixed price of this car. However, it is clear there will be price differences based on the trim level and specs offered in the model.

So far, the prices start from $30.000. It can be a good price to start and it is quite competitive compared to other competitors. Of course, the details regarding price and other specs will be shown once 2020 Honda Element is released.

2020 Honda Element Release Date, Price, Colors
2020 Honda Element Release Date, Price, Colors

2020 Honda Element Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Honda Element are as follows:



Omni Blue Pearl Titanium
Tango Red Pearl Gray
Citrus Fire Metallic
Alabaster Silver Metallic
Crystal Black Pearl
Polished Metal Metallic

2020 Honda Element USA, Hybrid, MPG, Release Date

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