2020 Honda CRV Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Changes

2020 Honda CRV with Versatile Performance for Daily Driving and Long Trip

2020 Honda CRV Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Changes – The car market today seems to put more favor in crossover SUV. This is where 2020 Honda CRV gains utmost appreciation. The car is suitable for urban, suburban, even rural and off-road driving. The versatile capability puts CRV at the top list.

To know more this car, you should start from the concept. The first release was different in term of style and specs. Moreover, the recent model has some upgrades that more capable to deliver SUV performance. More about the details are explored in the next sections.

What Will The 2020 Honda CRV Look Like?

Concept, Redesign, Changes

Crossover SUV combines SUV performance and reliable driving from a city car. Well, CRV uses Civic as the base with SUV touch. As you can see, this car is capable to handle everything regardless of where you drive.

2020 Honda CRV Concept, Redesign, Changes
2020 Honda CRV Concept, Redesign, Changes

Interior and Exterior

Bold, sharp, and sporty looks are what you see from exterior of 2020 Honda CRV. The car has a new grille at the front with the blend of the LED light. The front bumper protects the car from a direct collision. Several sensors are also installed. At the rear side, LED light is also available for brake and tail light.

For the cabin, it is spacious with a two-row seat. You can extend back area to get more spaces. All information is displayed in the digital display. The driver can control everything easily, such as climate control, handling, seat, etc. Basically, the car is very intuitive.

2020 Honda CRV Interior, Exterior
2020 Honda CRV Interior, Exterior

Engine Specs, Horsepower, MPG

2020 Honda CRV has various engines, such as 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, and 2.4 liters. The engine uses gasoline diesel. The base 2.0 liter is capable to boost 152 horsepower. For Turbo engine, 1.5 liters can generate 192 horsepower.

This car is available with CVT and 9-speed transmission. Another good thing about this car is fuel efficiency. Based on a reliable source, the car is capable to reach MPG rating 32/26. It means you spend one gallon for 32 miles in highway driving and 26 for city driving. That’s impressive efficiency rate considering the car is SUV.

Trims Level

2020 Honda CRV has some trim levels. They are LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring. All base specs are available in the LX model. For EX, you can get a powerful engine, Apple Carplay, and Honda Sensing.

In addition, Touring is the best model with complete specs. Honda adds features, such as Honda Satellite, premium audio, and few sophisticated techs for a long trip. Of course, the price is the most expensive one.

2020 Honda CRV Engine Specs, Horsepower, MPG
2020 Honda CRV Engine Specs, Horsepower, MPG

When Will 2020 Honda CRV Come Out?

2020 Honda CRV Release Date

If you want to purchase the 2020 model, it is better to order in 2019. As you know, CRV is already available in the market. The recent model belongs to the tenth generation that’s initially released in 2016. Next year might have few updates but not change the base engine and basic features.

How Much Is 2020 Honda CRV?

Price and MSRP

To determine the price, you need to know which trim level you pick. Each has a different price, even different dealers provide a varied price. In order to know more about this matter, you can visit the nearby dealer in your neighborhood.

The price for LX starts at $24,350, and EX is $27,250. The top trim level is Touring with a price of $32,750. Customers can add accessories and insurance that increases the car price. This is what you need to know about 2020 Honda CRV.

2020 Honda CRV Release Date, Price, Colors
2020 Honda CRV Release Date, Price, Colors

2020 Honda CRV Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Honda CRV are as follows:



Dark Olive Metallic Black
Obsidian Blue Pearl Gray
Modern Steel Metallic Ivory
Gunmetal Metallic
Lunar Silver Metallic
Molten Lava Pearl
Crystal Black Pearl
Basque Red Pearl II
Sandstorm Metallic
White Diamond Pearl

2020 Honda CR-V Introducing – New Honda CRV Suv Experience

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