2020 Honda Accord Redesign, Release Date, Changes, Concept

2020 Honda Accord, Upgrading the Target Audience of Well-established Sedan

2020 Honda Accord Redesign, Release Date, Changes, Concept – Sedan lovers must recognize Accord. It is a classic mid-size vehicle that has been known by the general public for decades. If you are interested in this car, you must be excited to know that the manufacturer will be releasing 2020 Honda Accord.

Everyone is curious to see the changes that will be made in this model, particularly because the previous one was released not too long ago. Honda is planning to release the hybrid version of this car through the 2020 model.

What Will The 2020 Honda Accord Look Like?

Concept, Redesign, Changes

It seems like the 2020 model is aiming to be the most elegant sedan in its class. The manufacturer plans for major design changes of this car. However, it seems like there will be no significant improvement in the engine department. The Accord used to be known as the affordable sedan. It is likely that the release of 2020 Honda Accord will break that mindset in the public’s mind, though. The add-ons will make it reach a new target market.

2020 Honda Accord Concept, Redesign, Changes
2020 Honda Accord Concept, Redesign, Changes

Interior and Exterior

The focus of this model is to become a fancier vehicle. It is understandable that the interior will look grander than its predecessor. The roomier interior is also offered in this model. In higher trim levels, natural leather upholstery is available.

You will see that the hood part appears flatter and longer. The light fixture at the top is also made larger than before. Its exterior body is made of lightweight aluminum for a more aerodynamic system.

2020 Honda Accord Interior, Exterior
2020 Honda Accord Interior, Exterior

Engine Specs, Horsepower, MPG

2020 Honda Accord is equipped with a V6 engine. The engine has a discharge capacity of 3.4L. It is able to produce power output as high as 186 horsepower. This engine is conveniently paired with six-speed automatic transmission.
The acceleration of this model is predicted to be better than the previous one because it employs lighter body material. It has improved fuel economy, 13 miles per gallon. In certain regions, the hybrid engine is confirmed to be released.

Trim Level

The car provides three trim options. Sedan trim is going to offer standard features. The higher trim after Sedan is called Coupe. This trim allows for double entrance adjustment.

The highest trim level offered in Sport. It is definitely suitable for people who love sporty vehicle design. The body allows for more efficient functioning. It is adorned with newly styled grille as well as the low hood.

2020 Honda Accord Engine Specs, Horsepower, MPG
2020 Honda Accord Engine Specs, Horsepower, MPG

When Will 2020 Honda Accord Come Out?

2020 Honda Accord Release Date

When will 2020 Honda Accord be released? Up to this point, its manufacturer has not elaborated the exact release plan. There are experts who predict that it will be released within the second quarter of 2019.

However, there are also predictions that it is going to be released when 2019 ends or even at the beginning of 2020. You can be sure that it will grace various upcoming auto shows, though.

How Much Is 2020 Honda Accord?

Price and MSRP

Experts predict that this model will skyrocket in price. It used to be the lower-middle class car. However, the target audience has shifted for it to maintain a market presence.

It seems like the price for 2020 Honda Accord will range from $30,000 to a little bit over $50,000. The price depends on trim level and additional features added.

2020 Honda Accord Release Date, Price, Colors
2020 Honda Accord Release Date, Price, Colors

2020 Honda Accord Colors

We predict the colors that will come out for 2020 Honda Accord are as follows:



Champagne Frost Pearl Black
Crystal Black Pearl Gray
Lunar Silver Metallic Ivory
Modern Steel Metallic
Obsidian Blue Pearl
Platinum White Pearl
Radiant Red Metallic

2020 Honda Accord Hybrid: All-New Honda Accord Sedan Experience

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